Aikido techniques — Harmonization On and Off the Mat – Part 1


Aikido Techniques: Ikkyo

Aikido Techniques: Ikkyo

Aikido Techniques – The Nature of Conflict?


On the mat, aikido techniques require an overt attack which can be described as conflict. When we consider this issue more deeply, conflict applies to personal relationships as well. For this reason it is important that the students see that the concept of harmonization applies to daily life, on and off the mat.



Aikido Techniques – Back to basics


The first syllable of the word aikido is Ai which can be translated as love or harmony.  What we teach on the mat is our response is directly related to the force directed at us. Blending or harmonization is a key concept in the teaching of the defensive movement. First and foremost, meeting force on force is, in general, a losing battle unless you are much larger or stronger than your opponent. In addition, force on force results in a win-lose some Mario in that there is an attempt to overpower or overwhelm your opponent’s strength. Harmonization helps to gain control over bouquets mind by avoiding this initial conflict. Through this blending we can gain control by redirecting the force of the attack and gain control by unbalancing uke, creating a temporary reduction in the power of the attack. The result is that uke is control is reduced while nage’s is strengthened.


Aikido Techniques in Daily Life

How can we carry the concept of harmonization into daily life? If we substitute an argument for an attack, it can provide a framework for understanding how the lessons learned on the mat can apply to conflicts in daily life. Imagine a loved one directing an angry response at you. This can be thought of as similar to a front punch or kick being directed to you. The power of the punch might be thought of as analogous to the intensity of the anger or hostility of the argument focus upon you.

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